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Yacht Engineering

Precision Components

Cruisers Yachts employs state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to embrace the best of contemporary naval architecture, engineering, technology and styling. CAD/CAM allows greater manufacturing accuracy by providing exact dimensions for all components and subassemblies. This provides for more features and functionality into less space.

C-N-C machines provide computer-controlled precision when we fabricate cabinets, bulkheads, interior doors, countertops and wood trim. This reduces the chance of poor-fitting components that rattle and squeak when underway.

Marrying Fiberglass Components

Fiberglass Components

One design limitation with fiberglass construction is that you only get a finished part on one side. Many of our finished components are comprised of two sub-components that have to be married together to achieve a two-sided finish. In such cases, Cruisers Yachts always retains the primary component in its mold and bonds in the secondary component, using polyester bonding paste, with locating fixtures. This assures overall component integrity without the risk of distortion.

Precision Cutting

All cut-outs in fiberglass components are guided by a located, rigid masking system that assures precise location and exact tolerances.

Expert Inspection

Every fiberglass surface is expertly inspected with florescent lighting to identify any surface flaws. Further, all corners and tight radii are manually tapped, millimeter by millimeter, with special nylon mallets to ensure that no air voids or eggshell escapes detection. Defects are repaired prior to the part being released to assembly.


All fiberglass components are mold cured. They are then carefully handled and dolly supported to eliminate any post-cure distortion or latent defects resulting for over-stressing 'green' laminate structures.

Bottom Paint

Hull Paint

Cruisers Yachts utilizes a high wax 'back-up' gelcoat to finish all bilge areas. This material is specially formulated to resist staining and scuffing as well as damage from water, oil, acid or fuel.

Each Cruisers Yachts' hull is manually hand-sanded to remove residual wax and prepare the surface for bottom pain application. This is an expensive and time-consuming process but is more consistent than sand/bead blasting, which can eliminate too much gelcoat, and certainly a more reliable process than chemical strippers, which usually just move the wax around.

An epoxy primer serves as our base coat, to ensure adhesion as well as provide additional protection against osmotic blistering. Finally, 2 coats of Sea Hawk Cukote #3445 (black) are applied.

Sea Hawk Cukote is a top performing premium cuprous oxide formulation specified because:

  • It's a self-polishing, ablative coating with multi-season performance capabilities
  • It's a harder finish that will last longer on planing hulls
  • It may be taken in and out of the water repeatedly without affecting it's anti-fouling characteristics.
  • It doesn't contain any toxic organotin compounds (TBT considered toxic to humans and the environment)
  • It can withstand dry-docking for periods up to 3-years without significant deterioration of performance.

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