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Yacht Engineering


All wiring, both 120V and 12/24V, is tinned, copper strand for superior corrosion resistance and integrity. In addition, all insulation is Type III, rated at 105 degree Celsius.

Custom, Modular Wiring Harnesses

Cruisers Yachts has designed our 12/24V harnesses to be modular, joined by reliable positive latch connectors, similar to contemporary aviation design, for ease of troubleshooting, simple isolation and convenient replacement of any potentially broken or damaged leads.

Our harnesses are hand assembled, in-house, for each specific build order. This means each boat gets the exact right harness, not some 'universal' harness with extra wires added 'just in case'. Also, no wiring added outside the harness because of some unanticipated specification change. All harnesses are secured and bundled for added strength and dependable mounting.

Labeled Low Voltage Harnesses

Each individual 12/24V wire in every harness is repetitively labeled along its entire length with an inkjet-applied designation for easy identification and reference to wiring diagram.

Battery Cables

All heavy-duty battery cables are identified with high contrast labels at each end, specifying function and destination.

Terminal Ends

All heavy-duty battery cables have machine crimped terminal ends for reliable current transfer and heat shrink insulators for added corrosion protection.

Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Magnetic circuit breakers provide reliable, steady current flow and eliminate nuisance tripping due to humidity and heat.

Specialized Connectors

Deutsch connector systems are specially designed for dependable electrical junctions in harsh operating environments. We utilize Deutsch connectors in bilge areas where excessive moisture can be a problem and with any critical component applications.

AMP connector systems are utilized in all other onboard applications. AMP is the world's leader in electrical connectors for automotive, marine and aerospace.

All connectors are hand assembled in-house with pin junctions that are mechanically attached to their wire ends.

Electrical Panels

All electrical panels are sized, engraved and built in-house, designed for each specific build order. This means no 'empty holes' from trying to stretch panels across several models and configurations. The panel itself is comprised of a non-conducting polymer material to avoid shock hazards. All switches, breakers and gauges are installed by hand and wired modularly for better supportability. Panel backs are accessible only through removal of mechanical fasteners for added security.

Waterproof Terminal Connectors

All cable ends except for those within panels and gauges have heat shrink insulators to prevent corrosion.

Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI)

The entire 120V system is GFCI protected utilizing an ABYC approved system for convenience and reliability.

Chaffe Guards

Cruisers Yachts still utilizes guards to protect all wiring and plumbing runs from chaffing as they transition through bulkheads, floors and stringer members.

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