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Yacht Engineering

Wood Shop

Cruisers Yachts has two operations devoted to wood working operations.

Our wood mill is located offsite, in nearby Crivitz Wisconsin. In this operation, we convert dimensional into the various specialized shapes and moldings utilized throughout our yachts. We also marry various thicknesses of luan plywoods to cherry and wenge veneers to create our own paneling. Raw doors and tabletops are also fabricated in this operation. These raw materials feeds the Oconto shop.

Our wood shop located on the Oconto premises cuts all other sheet goods. Furniture bases are fabricated in the shop along with all cabinet assembly and finish operations. In addition, the solid surface countertops are fabricated and finished here.

Marine Grade Cabinetry

Cruisers Yachts Wood Shop

With all the push for efficiency, too many brands have lost sight of proven, time honored boat building techniques. Not so with Cruisers Yachts. And, nowhere is this more evident than with our cabinetry. All cabinet face fronts are built from full 3/4" hard wood or paneling. They are joined with ash (hard wood) battens that are drilled, counter-sunk and screwed together. This provides for redundant structural integrity even as the boat 'works.'

All fasteners are stainless steel. Major cabinet components are joined together with stainless steel angle stock. Drawers are all mounted with roller slides. All cabinet doors and drawer fronts have positive latches.

Solid Panel Doors

Interior stateroom passageways are made private with attractively finished solid panel doors. Distinctively shaped doorways feature solid wood trim for a signature statement that provides a contemporary look yet showcases the skills of our craftspeople.

Durable, High-Gloss Wood Finish

All wood cabinetry components are first seal coated then finished stained to balance out coloration. Next, multiple coats of catalyzed, solvent borne varnish are spray applied, with hand sanding between coats. The finish has UV inhibitors and provides for a luxurious, durable finish. Tabletops have a minimum of 5 finish coats with sanding in between applications.

Premium Hardware & Appointments

All fasteners and hinges are stainless steel. All drawer rollers are powder-coated. In addition to the woodwork, our new Wenge Interior incorporates high contrast accents throughout the cabinetry. Both schemes feature new designer fabric packages collaborating with a very modern hardware and fixture ensemble for a clean, contemporary presentation.

Premium Hard Woods

Cruisers Yachts Wenge

Cruisers Yachts is offering interior styling schemes fashioned around two attractive wood species.

Wenge is a rare and exotic tropical hardwood that is normally utilized in high quality residential furniture, handmade musical instruments and other high-end accessories. The species is characterized by its bold, dark color and distinctive cascading, tight-feathered grain pattern. Wenge is dimensionally stable in both paneling and milled applications. Its boldness and rarity make a very high-end, modern impression.

Cherry has been a furniture maker's standard since colonial times in the US. It's a moderately hard wood species, close grained, and is strong with a high resistance to warping. Color is generally medium, but will vary from light reddish to darker browns. The wood has a variable pattern and will tend to darken several shades over time, with exposure to sunlight. Despite tradition, cherry, with lighter and medium stains, has a distinctively contemporary look.

Solid Surface Countertops

Cruisers Yachts Counters

The gracious countertops are sculpted, in house, from Alantra which is a non-porous solid surface material that combines the best aspects of polymer resins with natural materials. The Alantra material is formulated to resist warping, peeling, cracking, staining and fading as well as captive bacteria. It is lighter and more flexible than granites or marbles, making it more crack & chip resistant than these materials. The coloration runs throughout the material, and the surface can be readily repaired in place, if necessary, without costly deconstruction or replacement.

We specify Alantra because of its resistance to warping, peeling, cracking, chipping and fading.

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