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Upholstery Shop

Luxurious designer fabric packages are selected annually and reflect contemporary colors, patterns and textures that compliment our hand-crafted cabinetry. The result is stylishly modern furnishings and decor.

Premium Upholstery Materials

Various upholstery materials are also selected annually to accent the designer fabric selections and to coordinate with exterior color schemes. These include:

  • Interior Carpet - We use Aggressor Marine Carpet from Syntec Industries, a leading supplier of fabrics and material to the marine industry. This is a high quality carpet made from 100% solution dyed Olefin fibers for fade, moisture and stain resistance. Plus, it can be easily cleaned. The Aggressor carpet features a dual layer backing. The primary backing is woven Polypropyleve supported by a secondary Grey Tuft Loc backing for superior tuft hold, ravel reduction and added flexibility to conform to contours.
  • Exterior Carpet - Cruisers Yachts utilizes the Performx Excel collection cut-loop polypropylene exterior marine carpet, also from Syntec Industries. This material utilized advance computer technology to achieve a singly level weave for the plush appearance and feel of fine indoor carpet. Coupled with Syntec's unique Aqua-Trac backing, this carpet remains flexible, lays flat and resists slippage providing quality, beauty and performance in the demanding outdoor marine environment
  • Interior Upholstery - We use only Brisa material from Ultrafabrics for interior upholstery. This soft, supple material is actually breathable with the look & feel or real leather but with a more consistent finish. In addition, it's water repellant, stain resistant, easy to clean, always cool to the touch and abrasion resistant to six times heavy-duty industry standards.
  • Headliner & Wall-coverings - uses an special marine interior grade vinyl from Mobern. This 45 mil material leather-like material has a dull finish and is resistant to burnishing, polishing and ultra-violet exposure. In addition, it is also stain resistant, easy to clean, durable, fire resistant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.
  • Exterior Upholstery - Cruisers Yachts uses only marine exterior grade expanded vinyls from Mobern, one of America's leading ISO certified manufacturers of decorative vinyl fabrics. This 42 mil material is color impregnated and specified for stain resistance, ease of cleaning, durability, fire resistance and anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, it is treated with Mor-tech, a proprietary surface treatment that improves stain resistance & clean-ability and is flexible enough to retain integrity through repeated cushion compression.

Exterior Cushion & Seat Construction

Cruisers Yachts Upholstery Canvas
  • Seat bases are perforated to lighten weight without compromising strength and to allow air to escape when cushions are compressed
  • Cushions are fabricated from two foam densities to provide a secure, comfortable initial deflection, then a firm base
  • All helm seats have knee rolls for the captain's comfort whether sitting or standing
  • A high density, treated closed cellular foam material is utilized to eliminate moisture absorption.
  • Upholstered seats are all hand sewn with heavy duty bonded nylon thread. This material is produced from type 66 filament nylon, the highest grade available, and is resistant to chemicals, abrasion and sunlight. Our craftspeople use a variety stitching techniques for maximum durability and enhanced cosmetics. These include:
    • Straight Stitch - double sewn butt joints
    • Baseball stitching - a single flanged butt joint that is reinforced with redundant stitching of the tag ends to the inside of the surface.
    • Welt Stitch - double sewn butt joints where the joint is reinforced with a beaded welt material
    • Zipper Stitch - This is a finishing technique that produces two butted tabs that overly the zipper seam, helping to conceal and protect the zipper.
    • Upholstery fabric is secured to the seat bases using stainless steel fasteners.

The undersides of seat and cushion bases feature a perimeter of durable welting material that terminates the upholstery material and conceals the fasteners for consistent cosmetics as well as provides a small cushioning offset to prevent direct contact with fiberglass surfaces.

Foredeck cushions feature special drain-fast foam that will not hold water and are upholstered on the underside with vinyl mesh to breathe.

Interior Seating

Cruisers Yachts Upholstery Interior

Most interior cushions and seating is built in-house. Seat frames and bases are fabricated from plywood and hardwoods for durability and shape retention. All dinette, mid-lounge and sofa cushions are lined with silk film to provide a soft, liquid sensation to the touch. In addition, many models feature optional Flexsteel convertible or reclining sofas. Flexsteel is a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial and vehicular seating. Their marine seating features frame/foam construction that is fully sprung, with powder-coated, corrosion resistant components.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Inner spring mattresses are out. All of our mattresses are now constructed from high density memory foam - the same kind of material utilized for the popular Tempur-Pedic Mattresses advertised on television. The result is a form-fitting sleeping surface that provides comfortable and anatomically correct support, adjusts to temperature and eliminates the need for flipping which is not possible in most custom sized applications.

Polymer Exterior Seat Bases

All exterior seat frames and bases are fabricated in-house from Starboard, an inert polymer material specified because:

  • It's environmentally stable and will not rot, swell or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water.
  • It's dimensionally stable
  • It's inert and will not absorb or release water. Will not retain odors.
  • It's lighter than plywood with a significantly longer lifespan.
  • It will retain fasteners

Machine Cut But Hand Sewn

Efficiency versus art . . . an age-old conflict. At Cruisers Yachts, we marry the two, utilizing CNC cutting machines to perform most of the (low-value) cutting tasks. This allows us to save time, maximize yield and minimize waste. In the case of matched materials for interior fabric sets, cutting is still performed by hand to assure precise pattern alignment.

Correspondingly, we rely on seamstress-caliber craftspeople to perform the (high-value) hand-sewing functions utilizing a variety of decorative stitching and quilting techniques for superior, designer quality, custom style furnishings. No short-cuts here. In the time honored fashion, all duvets are constructed layer-by-layer and filled in-house. All curtains are lined.

In addition, the caliber of our teams provides you with the flexibility to select your own fabrics and color palettes to suit your own personal tastes.

Custom Canvas & Enclosures

Cruisers Yachts Upholstery CanvasAll weather coverings are cut and hand-sewn in-house. Experienced sail-makers start with patterns so canvas shapes reflect design intent that integrates with the lines of each model. From there, our in-house capabilities allow you to specify seams, openings, closures and other special touches that your experience recognizes as optimal.

Weather covers are made from premium Outdura Trio 12.5 ounce material, the only outdoor fabric that is both breathable and waterproof. The Trio fabric combines 100-percent solution-dyed acrylic fiber cloth with ProVent technology and a brushed-tricot inner liner. The result is a breathable, waterproof outdoor material that protects not only from the elements but also from mold and mildew. In addition, the material offers unprecedented protection from the sun with a UV Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ (which is as high as the rating goes). Plus it features its own 'best-in-the-business' six-year warranty.

All transparent panels are fabricated from Strataglass. This 40-mill material is specified because:

  • It has a scratch resistant coating that prevents fine line scratches from washing, drying, rolling and storage.
  • It has near perfect visual clarity without characteristic blue or gray haziness.
  • It resists fallout and runoff. The barrier coating is resistant to the normal runoff streaking that can mar conventional transparent materials. In addition, it resists industrial fallout such as exhaust soot, power plant soot, acid rain and a variety of other airborne contaminants that can leach into untreated materials and affect visual clarity.
  • It stays supple longer, resisting a tendency towards brittleness, allowing for a longer service life.
  • Screened panels utilize a fiberglass screen material for longer life and maximum flexibility.

All enclosure panel sections are joined with YKK zippers and feature 5' zipper pulls for added convenience. Panel section joint seams have Velcro fly covers to reinforce and waterproof the junction lines. Each panel section has an ID tag to allow convenient location when re-assembling after storage.

Our experienced professionals utilize a variety of techniques to join and finish canvas sections. These include:

  • Welded Seams - two panel sections are joined using a thermal bonding material for waterproof seams. These are generally found on long, straight seams and around Strataglass panels.
  • Sealed Seams - double sewn seams that utilize an adhesive gasket material to seal the stitching. These are found on tight radius seams. Weblon reinforced capped edges - all canvas 'edges' are cap finished. This sail-making technique reinforces the ends with an extra two layers of weblon reinforced material to maintain taut tolerances without fear of damaging the cover material.
  • Reinforced facings - all material ends are 'serged' a sewing technique that essentially binds the cut edge. They are then tucked and sewn to eliminate any potential for fraying or unraveling of the fabric. Facings are also reinforced with weblon for added strength and durability.
  • Redundant stitching - all stitched seams feature redundant stitching to spread the load and assure longer life.
  • Polyester thread - we utilize a filament polyester thread that is color-matched to the attached material for all canvas stitching. This thread is specified because it has quick recovery after extension and absorbs very little moisture. It is colorfast and UV resistant with excellent wet strength. In addition, it is abrasion and chemical resistant, enabling it to stand-up to harsh marine environments and repeated cleanings.

Cruisers Yachts also uses a variety of attachment techniques to secure canvas, carpet and upholstered cushions. These include:

  • Sail Track - the sail-track system consists of two parts, a rigid PVC receiver which is essentially a track with an 85% enclosed circular channel. This track is low profile and attached to the rigid joining surface. The corresponding canvas or upholstered end is finished with a flanged beaded welt that is inserted through the channel from the side. Such attachments are secure and generally stronger than spot attachments because the load is equally spread across the entire joined surface. They are utilized primarily in forward facing applications where the possibility of wind lift is high. They do require additional handling to load & unload the channel track.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Fasteners - these include Lift-Dots, Twist-Locks and conventional snaps. All are reinforced on the fabric side with stainless steel washers.
  • Bungees - These are typically utilized in securing canvas coverings along the aft edge and serve as tensioners to help keep the coverings taut and crisp looking.

Bound Cockpit Carpeting

All cockpit carpeting is cut and bound in-house. This allows for precise fit as well as flexibility for custom layouts and easy replacement. Bias cut binding material is utilized to ensure edges lay flat. Stainless steel securement snaps are reinforced with stainless steel washers to prevent tearing.

Bound Carpet Covers

To protect your interior carpet from wear, Criosers also provides carpet covers made from the same Outdura Trio material used for Canvas coverings. These coverings are also bound with bias-cut material and utilize reinforced stainless steel snaps to secure.

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