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Yacht Engineering


Cruisers Yachts utilizes a sequential assembly process that requires the precise, individual fitting and attachment of each component. This systematic, layer-by-layer method ensures integrity by sequencing the addition of each subsequent component to already existing structure, much in the same philosophy as 'stick-built' homes. Further, this method assures reliable incorporation of component systems.

Hull-to-Deck Joint

Cruisers Yachts utilizes a precision overlap method to join decks to hulls. The process starts with carefully crafted tooling that ensures a precision fit with the deck overlapping the hull. The entire joint is secured with a high-quality urethane adhesive/sealant and is then mechanically fastened approximately every three inches along its perimeter. This method produces a secure, waterproof bond. In addition, it incorporates redundant structure to provide additional strength and resilience in this critical area by eliminating the 'hinge effect' caused by flanged joints.

The joint is then further protected with a rub-rail system that includes a high impact polymer housing and a polished stainless steel wear rail. The wear rail screws are even installed with square head screws to eliminate the potential for metal residue from the driver heads during installation that can cause latent cosmetic problems.

Entry Doors

Sliding Acrylic Entry Doors - Cruisers Yachts utilizes Bomar sliding acrylic doors with screens for entry on all express models. The Bomar system uses a unique rail within an extrusion track mechanism with Teflon rollers mounted on stainless steel pins that assures smooth operation without the binding or breakage of typical truck type systems.

Sliding Glass Entry Doors - The polished stainless steel sliding glass doors that grace our sports coupe models are custom manufactured for us by Orca and Taylor.

Double Clamps

All underwater hose lines are double clamped for security and redundancy.

Underwater Bonding System

A single point bonding system provides a common connection for all metal through-hull components. This system connects to a single transom mounted sacrificial zinc anode to provide maximum galvanic corrosion for these fixtures. In addition, it provides a low-resistance path to ground in the event of lightning strikes.

Structural Bulkheads

In addition to securely mounting all bulkheads to indexes on our liner system, Cruisers Yachts also mechanically fastens each bulkhead to the inner surface of the deck, utilizing either ash battens or stainless steel angle stock. This turns them into actual structural elements as opposed to the 'floating bulkheads' found with many other brands. The result is a series of stable 'box beams' that integrate the entire hull & deck structure.

Redundant Inspection Processes

Many of our competitors 'manufacture' yachts, relying on robotic machinery and reducing labor to its lowest common denominator. This requires a detached inspection philosophy to catch mistakes after the manufacturing process but before they ship. Quality control after the fact.

Our 'build' approach differs in that it relies on the skill and judgment of each of our builders to systematically assure the quality of their work. This prevents problems from being passed-on and worked around through the rest of the construction process. Informal 'hand-off' inspections take place to verify all previous work prior to the boat progressing to the next stage. But we still check.

Upon completion, we perform complete systems verifications. This includes proofing the plumbing system, proofing the 110V & 12/24V electrical systems and a complete mechanical systems run-up.

In addition, complete structural and cosmetic inspections are performed to again verify that no defect has escaped detection and repair. Finally, each unit is physically inspected by key members of our executive team. Experience proves that these guys don't find much (and they'd better not).

Pre-Delivery Inspection

A network of trained, professional Dealers ensures that each yacht is fully commissioned, with a 44-point factory system inspection performed prior to final delivery. Everything is checked, then double-checked. This assures each customer that their yacht is sea-worthy from the moment they take possession. All adjustments and fine-tuning has been completed.

Sparkle & Shine

Each hull is fully polished before it leaves our assembly operation to fully seal the gelcoat surface for a lasting measure of protection.

Bilge Paint

We use white to brighten the bilge areas and to provide maximum contrast to readily identify leaks, spills and dropped fasteners.

ID Tags

All switches, valves, wire and plumbing runs are identified with easy-to-ready labels allowing you to quickly locate and make adjustments with confidence.

Engine Mounting

We use two types of engine mounting methods, depending on the model:

  • L-Bracket Mounts - fabricated 1/2 inch gusseted aluminum L-brackets serve as the base for engine mounts on the 330s, 415s and 455s. The L-Brackets are bolted through the stringer systems with stainless steel bolts. Back-up plates on the outside assure a secure mount. This method allows a wider footprint for easier access and servicing of the engines and transfers propulsion thrust to the hull structure via securely mounted brackets.
  • Structural Mounts - engine mounts sit on top of the stringer system and are secured with bolts that are drilled and tapped into steel plates laminated into the tops of the stringer members. This method eliminates static loading and transfers propulsion torque and thrust directly to the hull's structural members.

Fuel Cross-Over Systems

A Fuel cross-over system is optional on all models with dual fuel tanks. This cross-over manifold system allows each tank to be isolated, in the event of contamination, plus it allows the operator to compensate for uneven draw and return. This option is not available on the 48 Cantius, whose tanks are tied together.

Primary Fuel Filters

All models have remote mounted primary fuel filters to ensure failsafe engine operation without exposing vital components to poor quality or contaminated fuel.

Window Systems

Cruisers Yachts utilizes two different window mount systems depending on the model configuration:

  • Express and Coupe Models - all use N.A. Taylor windshield systems with tempered safety glass and frames that are either color-matched, powder-coated aluminum or polished stainless steel (depending on size). These provide secure, architecturally integrated windshield structures.
  • Flybridge Models - all use flanged mounted frameless window systems. Windows are installed utilizing a polyurethane adhesive to secure tempered safety glass directly to a molded-in fiberglass receiver. This provides a secure, waterproof seal. Allows for larger panels with more interesting architectural shapes. Finish caulking ensures cosmetics.

Engine Room Insulation

Main engine room bulkheads are insulated with 2' Sound Down composite insulation material. This insulation is skinned with a non-rip reflective mylar surface with two underlying absorption and de-coupler layers separated by a lead barrier layer. All hatches or floor members are similarly lined. We also utilized a similar custom manufactured material as supplemental insulation in other critical areas.

The mylar serves to reflect heat back into the engine compartment where it can be dissipated with the engine room blowers and serves as a moisture barrier to prevent the migration of fumes. The dual foam absorbs a large portion of engine noise with the lead barrier serving to absorb and deflect sound waves.

High Integrity Plumbing Systems

The plumbing system on each specific model is comprised of Whale Water System's color-coded, semi-rigid polyethylene pipe work coupled with their quick connect fittings to ensure a high integrity, reliable system. Whale's components are specifically designed for use in mobile applications and feature:

  • Unique 'double gripper' fittings for integrity even at high pressures.
  • Innovative 'collet cage' seals to eliminate leaks.
  • Single piece molded for higher strength.
  • Outer sleeve collet cover to prevent accidental release.
  • Semi-rigid pipe work that allow some bending and flex.
  • Coded blue for cold water and red for hot water.
  • This integrated system provides for ease of troubleshooting, simple isolation and convenient replacement of any potentially broken or damaged runs.


Cruisers Yachts utilizes three different head systems, depending on the model. Each utilizes a remote holding tank.

  • ITT Jabsco 37010 Series - white vitreous china bowl in household size. Features a flexible impeller flush pump and a fully enclosed, permanent magnet type motor with stainless steel shaft for long service life. It has an integral high capacity macerator and bowl scavenger pump that ensure thorough flushing as well as a built-in back flow preventer. This model is found on the 310s and 350s.
  • SeaLand VacuFlush - white ceramic, deep bowls with adult-size seats and large water surface for easy use. Powerful vacuum actuator keeps bowl and lines clean. The system draws on fresh water to eliminate the odors associated with raw water systems and a flush limiter restricts water usage to 1/2 liter per flush. Reliable, fast clearing system minimizes odor permeation. Used on 415s and 580s.
  • SeaLand Model 500 Plus - white vitreous china with single flush pedal operation that makes it easy to use. There's a splash-proof rim that keeps water in the bowl while underway. The system draws on fresh water to eliminate the odors associated with raw water systems and a flush limiter restricts water usage to 1/2 liter per flush. A full size wooden seat offers home like comfort and lasting strength. Used on 380s, 430s, 455s, 447s and 540s, optional on 350s.

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