Our Commitment

Couple on the bow

At Cruisers Yachts and Cruisers Sport Series we are committed to one thing. It’s not to be the biggest boat manufacturer, or the most profitable. We are committed solely to the quality of your experience. That means every moment you interact with our products and our people is designed to enhance the way you feel about boating and our brand.

We have no intention to ever grow so big it isn’t possible to know every customer and every dealer. That’s why our customer care is legendary throughout the industry. No other manufacturer can match the comfort, performance and customer service our owners enjoy every day.

  • If you have a question or an issue that needs resolution, your dealer and our team will work together to your 100% satisfaction. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • The Customer Relations department will monitor the progress of any repairs or concerns you may have. Communication and follow-up is essential to customer care.
  • All owners are provided contact information and encouraged to correspond with any questions. We may manufacture world-class boats, but we’re here to build relationships with our customers.

The Owners Desk can be reached
at 866.734.2770,
Monday - Thursday,
between 8 am and 4 pm CST.